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People say, "You are very good for your age. " And i say "I haven´t got time to grow cold. Far to busy"

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Living out loud

As ferias estão ai e a noite já esta lá fora, quente de trovoada .

Hoje chego ao fim do meu dia a ouvir Fingertips e a precisar de escrever um pouco e vou deixar-vos aqui excertos de  textos de um livro ao qual eu me colei aninhada no meu sofá depois de um dia intenso de batalhas interiores que já vão sendo menos mas ainda aparecem ás vezes de mansinho e causam os seus danos.
O livro mais importante que me lembro de ler porque, a ler volto sempre, para acalmar as minhas duvidas quando elas dançam no meu pensamento. “Wisdom” de Andrew Zuckerman.
For you*
Deixo aqui uma das definições que acho realmente importante e espero que vos seja útil também, tanto como me é a mim sempre que a leio.
“Life is not perfect; it never will be. You just have to make the very best of it and you have to open your heart to what the world can show you.
Sometimes it´s terrifying and sometimes it´s incredible beautiful. And i´ll take both, thanks!”
Graham Nash (musico e fotógrafo)
Andre Derain kids workshop with the pingers!
“I think the one thing i´ve learned, and it´s very prosaic lesson, actually – it´s not the one a lot of people want to know about when they talk about what separates great stars and people that aren´t very good at their job.- a thing i´ve lerned is the majority of them, the people at the top of the tree, get there beacuse they work harder than anybody else. They all have talent, of course they do. Entertainers, film stars , whoever they migth be, they all have a certain amount of talent. What separates, in the end, the ones that reach a diferent level of stardom, in my mind: just the aptitude for hard work and concentration and actually following througth on the work that you´ve got. The easiest thing in the world , if you´re very talented, is to take that for granted, wich you must never ever do. And the people i´ve interviewed , and admired most of all, have never ever done that. Beliving all the time , that they are not quite there. It´s a dedication to a job they love; it´s not taken ligthly. Even a great gift . You see so many people who have undreds of gift…like Clint Eastwood. He´s not just content to be the galmour-puss movies, not just a pin-up boy, but he´s gone on to became a very serious filmmaker and a very fine filmmaker and is not finish yet.
That what i admire the most. Dedication to the craft, to the job you´ve been gifted…”
Micheal Parkinson (Jornalista)
My village in the Spring
“…one of the thgs i try to do is not to belive in too much; to try and keep fluid and flexible with whats left of my beliefs because belief systems are nothing more than thigs i would like to be true.. They don´t necesseraly have anything to do with truth, they are things i would like to be true. So i´m trying  to let go of as many of my beliefs as i possibly can. . I sat by my computer one day and said; ” What do i know that´s absolutly, incontrovertibly true?” I sat there for an hour ans a half and all i could came up with is that everything changes. That´s all i know with ant degree of certainty. It´s all going to change, and flowing within change keeps us flexible and helps to develop a sense of humor about everything…”
Alan Arkin (escritor de musicas)
My village in the Spring
“Most of us give up  to early. Failure is an absolute essential in life!…you wake up in the morning and you say “How did i screw up yestrerday, and what can i do today that may be a little bit better?” We are our own paradigm, and if somebody asked me to name one word, other than generosity, that is a part of necessity to survive, it´s “PERSISTANCE”. Never give up! Never!! Life is about climbing a cliff, and you are on with your fingernails all the way up and you hear a noise- these are people who have follen of the cliff. He who hangs the longest wins. …”
Bryce Courtenay (Escritor)
…boa noite*

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